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Last updated: April 22, 2016
■Self-Recommendation Entrance System
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In 2000, the Division of Particle and Astrophysical Science and the Division of Material Science (Physics), at the Department of Physics in the Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University introduced a system of entrance through self-recommendation (Self-RecommendationSystem) for its Master Programs, with a view to encourage applications from students with wide background, who are strongly motivated to carry out graduate-level research.

As the Application Guidelines for Students write, the Self-Recommendation System requests the applicants to write a self-recommendation essay outlining at least

  1. what impressed them most in physics or in what physics-related topics/events they were most interested in the past up to now,
  2. their senior thesis research,
  3. their reasons for applying to the relevant division,
  4. their personal character and why they are suitable for obtaining graduate-level education at Nagoya University.

Recommendation letters are not required from academic advisors. Decisions on entrance will be made based on an interview with applicants, which will cover the content of self-recommendation essay, academic records from the first three years (four years if already graduated) of undergraduate education, and applicants’ understanding of undergraduate physics-course materials. At present, about half of the enrollment for the two participating divisions is determined through the self-recommendation system; the remaining half is selected through a conventional system of general admission via written examination and interview.

Interviews for students applying via the Self-Recommendation System are carried out on Saturday July 16 and Sunday July 17, 2016, earlier than general admission. The application period for the self-recommendation examination is between Monday June 27 and Friday July 1, 2016; please be aware of this. For further details, please refer to the Guidelines for Students Applying for Entrance through Self-Recommendation. An explanatory seminar outlining the Self-Recommendation System will be held on Saturday June 18, 2016. Applicants are strongly recommended to attend this seminar. Please see the Self-Recommendation System Explanatory Seminar page (Japanese) for details. Students who are not successful in the Self-Recommendation System are still able to re-apply for entrance via the general admission. The results of the self-recommendation process will have no bearing on acceptance via general admission. However, students will need to submit a new application for entrance through general admission.
● Why self-recommendation?

・ This system has been designed to attract a diverse range of students with a strong commitment to graduate level research.
・ If acceptance to graduate school is confirmed early in the academic year, students can immediately begin to focus on their graduate studies, which will help them to excel when their graduate school work actually begins.
・ Students with a true commitment to research are able to come to Nagoya University, regardless of personal or academic circumstances, and pursue their academic goals.

● A fallback plan?

By offering this kind of admission system, there is always the possibility that some people will decide to apply, ‘just in case’, as a fallback. However, the Department of Physics at the Graduate School of Scienceworks on the assumption that all successful applicants intend to accept the offers provided to them. We therefore strongly request that students with no intention of accepting an offer of admission do not apply.

For all other questions, please see the Self-Recommendation Entrance Q&A (Japanese) page.
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