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Doctoral Program for International Students      new
   Division of Particle and Astrophysical Science
Global 30 Project International Programs
   Both Undergraduate & Graduate Courses for Physics,
      now available
Guidelines for Admissions to Doctoral Program
   for International Students
   ♠  Division of Particle and Astrophysical Science      revised
   ♠  Division of Material Science - Physics      revised
Entrance exam for master's Program   (Regular Programs)
1. Self-recommendation Examination
   (letter of self-recommendation + interview)
   examination : July 18 (Sat) - 19 (Sun), 2015
2. General Examination
   (paper examination (in Japanese) + interview)
   examination : August 26 (Wed) - 28 (Fri), 2015
3. Secondary Examination      new
   (presentation of the thesis + interview)
   examination : January 23 (Sat), 2016
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Department of Science Introduction Videos Leadership Development Program for Space Exploration and Research Integrative Graduate Education and Research Program in Green Natural Sciences Quest for Fundamental Principles in the Universe: from Particles to the Solar System and the Cosmos Nagoya University Graduate School of Science, Department of Physics, Nagoya University
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